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At ShutterLand we take great pride in the construction of our solid cedar exterior window shutters. We use the same proven building techniques have been used for centuries by carpenters and woodworkers to make timeless heirloom furniture.  Each of our exterior wooden shutters are manufactured from hand-selected kiln-dried incense cedar. Side stiles and horizontal rails are glued and doweled for strength and durability.

After they are installed, wooden exterior shutters must contend with sunlight, wind, rain, ice, snow, and wide temperature changes. The primary enemy of wood is moisture and like all woods, Cedar will absorb and discharge moisture to attain equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, wooden outdoor shutters must be finished properly, installed to prevent moisture contact, and maintained with regular inspection and care.

Wooden Outdoor Shutters

Painting Unfinished Shutters

If factory painted wooden outdoor shutters were not ordered, we recommend finishing the shutters with an initial complete coat of oil-based primer tinted as close to the final color as possible. Allow the wood shutter to completely dry and sand smooth before the application of two coats of a premium-grade exterior latex paint. Many exterior paint suppliers have recommendations for their specific product so you should consult with the paint provider to determine the best finishing method for your shutters. Remember that the thicker the finish the longer it will last. Cover all surfaces, paying particular attention to priming and painting end grains at the top and bottom of all wooden outdoor shutters, and on the side of board and batten horizontal battens. Finish paint caps with the same attention as the panels.

Raised panel shutter components are constructed from Extira exterior grade MDF. Extira must be specifically primed with Kilz oil based primer.

Staining Wood Exterior Shutters

ShutterLand cedar shutters stain well and the result is beautiful. However, sunlight can penetrate through a transparent finish to break down wood fibers. If you do stain your exterior wooden shutters, use finishing products designed specifically for exterior or marine use. Note that raised panel exterior shutters cannot be stained.

Install House Shutters

Exterior window shutters may be installed to swing open and close over a window. For functional outside shutter installations consult with the exterior shutter hardware supplier for proper execution.

Most homeowners use wooden exterior shutters for aesthetic purposes. Wooden shutters may be screwed directly to the building with external grade screws. Insert several washers to create space between the house shutter and building to keep moisture from being trapped in between. Shutter caps add an extra barrier to the top of the shutter where water is most difficult to shed.

Care & Shutter Maintenance

Wooden exterior shutters should be regularly inspected for deterioration of the finish since all wood expands and contracts with environmental change. Growth conditions of the incense cedar tree result in minimal movement, but there still may appear small cracks in the finish due to this unavoidable reaction. Simple touch-up of these areas may be required to prevent moisture penetration.

Outdoor shutters installed in heavily shaded areas may have difficulty drying and exterior shutters in these areas may require more frequent inspection. Also, trim vines or other vegetation that climbs on or touches the shutters.

Exterior Shutter Review

Use of these simple precautions will ensure the longevity of your wood exterior shutters. While the maintenance may seem overwhelming, it is the same advice we would give to manage any other aspect of a home's exterior.