House Shutters - Combination

Combination house shutters use louvers and raised panels. Our window shutters are constructed with solid incense cedar components in three distinct louver sizes and exterior-grade MDF raised panels. While sizes are not "custom", both the width and height are offered in full inch increments. The house shutters can then be trimmed to achieve the desired size.


Solid Wood Components
Kiln Dried Incense Cedar stiles, rails, & louvers
Exterior-grade MDF raised panels
Painted or Unfinished paint grade
Shutter caps included for every panel.


Joints glued and doweled on 1" centers

(Above Divider Rail)
1 1/4" wide x 1/4" thick
1 3/4" wide x 3/8" thick
2 1/4" wide x 3/8" thick
Raised Panel : 1 3/4" wide edge
tapered from 1/2" to 1/4"
3/4" thick raised area
Side Stiles: 1" thick x 2" wide
Top Rail: 1" thick x Variable height
Bottom Rail: 1" thick x 4 3/8" height
Divider Rail: 1" thick x Variable height(required)

View printable PDF specification page for:
1 ¼" Combo 1 ¾" Combo 2 ¼" Combo

Exterior Window Shutters

Combination exterior window shutters can be installed to be functional (swing open and closed), but most often are stationary. Non-functional house shutters require less precise measurements than those that operate.

Width for Non-Functional Exterior Shutters

Measure each window width from the outside edge of window trim to the same spot on the opposite side. Calculate shutter panel width, starting with the smallest window. Window widths narrower than 60 inches can appear to have functional shutters by ordering panels half of the window width. Windows larger than 60 inches, while unable to appear functional, should use panel sizes between 30% and 50% of the window width. Consider panel widths of narrow windows when determining panel widths for larger windows. Do not exceed a panel width greater than 50% of the window.

Height for Non-Functional Exterior Shutters

Measure each window width from the top edge of the window trim to the bottom edge of the window trim. If there is a sill at the bottom of the window, measure to the top of the sill. Install the shutters about 1/4 inch above the sill. Exterior shutters are sold in full inch increments, but can be trimmed to match the window height.

See measuring instructions for functional outdoor shutters in greater overall detail.

An example of combination wooden exterior shutters from ShutterLand. small louver combo exterior shutter medium louvered combination outdoor shutters large combined shutter panels
A close up of the combination exterior wood shutters from ShutterLand.
A close up of the combination exterior wood shutters from ShutterLand.
Combination wooden exterior shutters from ShutterLand installed on a home.

Price & Order Combination Shutters

step 1: Panel Dimensions

  1. a. Panel Width:
  2. b. Panel Height:
  3. c. Louver Size:

step 2: Panel Options

  1. a. Finish:
    Paint Color Code :     SW

    Tricorn Black (6258), Hunter Green (0041)
    Fired Brick (6335), Extra White (7006)

step 3: Quantity

Enter the number of individual exterior shutters panels (NOT pairs) with these specifications you require.

Quantity: Calculate

Item Summary

  • Combination Shutter Panel
  • Quantity
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Wood Shutter Preview

" 4 3/8" 2" 2" " Combination exterior wooden shutters specs from ShutterLand.

Numerical values shown are reflective of window shutter panel specified
*rendering is not to scale

Outdoor Shutter Reviews

Having checked many sources for good quality combination house shutters, I found ShutterLand to have a good selection with the sizes I needed and excellent quality. The replacement exterior shutters I ordered are all painted and up on our newly painted house and they look great. Our painter intends to recommend ShutterLand to other customers that need replacement wooden exterior shutters. This painter, by the way does only restoration work. 5 / 5 stars Great selection of sizes and styles of exterior window shutters; easy to order online. Delivery was timely, the quality outstanding. It was a pleasure to be your customer.
James B.
I was amazed at the quality of your window shutters. It was far superior to any other house shutter material I have purchased. Excellent quality material and a smooth finished exterior product.
Bruce G.

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