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ShutterLand’s quality wood exterior shutters are built by hand with time-tested techniques. Each exterior wooden shutter panel is constructed from top quality hand-selected solid kiln-dried incense cedar. The stiles and rails of wooden louvered shutters and raised panel shutters are glued and doweled, creating durable joints that can endure decades of service. Our custom exterior shutters are available either unfinished or factory painted from a selection of nearly 2000 colors.

ShutterLand can make custom exterior wooden shutters for your home.

All stiles, rails, louvers, boards, and battens are solid wood. We do not finger-joint shorter pieces of lumber to crate longer components for the panels. Louvers and raised panels are slotted into the side stiles. The raised panel component is constructed from Extira exterior grade MDF. The raised panel area must be specifically primed with Kilz oil based primer before painting.

Outdoor Wood Shutters

Components specifications for all of our exterior wooden shutters are prominently displayed on the shutter style page. Simply enter the desired panel size and instantly a schematic shows the shutter in great detail.

  • Louvers are fixed slats precisely positioned in regular intervals in 3 sizes.
  • Raised Panel are constructed from from Extira exterior grade MDF.
  • Combo shutters use both louvers and raised panels areas in a single shutter
  • Board and Batten are made with vertical boards and horizontal battens. Available soon.

Incense Cedar

Incense cedar is harvested in the mountains from western Oregon to southern California. It is an aromatic wood that resists both decay and insects. The growth conditions of incense cedar makes it ideal for the construction of our high quality exterior wooden shutters and gives long service with little maintenance. Alternate uses for incense cedar include mud sills, window sashes, sheathing under stucco or brick, veneer construction, greenhouse benches, fencing, poles, trellises, and exterior siding. Incense cedar is a straight wood that sands and finishes well in final preparation for installation. We do not build exterior wooden shutters from lesser quality woods, like pine, which would reduce costs, but also decrease the life and stability.

Alternative names for incense cedar include California incense cedar, California white cedar, and post cedar.

Production Time

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Quality cedar simply results in the most authentic exterior cedar shutters available. Do not be tempted by less expensive, lower quality shutters, like pine. These woods will quickly deteriorate in outdoor conditions. Outdoor window shutters made from cedar routinely enjoy long serviceable lives.

Thank you so much. My wife was blown-away at how nice they look and the color is a perfect complement to our new concrete-fiber siding. They were pricey but the size match and look was well worth it. I'll recommend your shop for anyone I know looking for quality shutters.
Tom B.