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Early exterior wooden shutters were originally designed for function. Outdoor panels opened to the side of the window for a clear unobstructed opening,and swung closed for light control, privacy, ventilation, and protection from wind and rain. Early windows were narrow, so two wooden shutters across (one left, and one right) could cover the area. The width of each panel was half of the exterior window opening.

Window Width / 2 = Individual Panel Width

The modern era has introduced air conditioning, window screens, more functional and energy efficient windows, large windows, and increased use of interior shutters and window coverings. These factors have contributed to the diminished use of, and need for, functional exterior shutters. However, installing any of the offered styles remain a timeless approach to add architectural depth and character to a house or building.

How to find the right type of exterior window shutters for your home.

Decorative Exterior Shutters

Non-functional wooden shutters contribute color, depth, and character to the exterior of a house or building. If the shutters do not need to swing closed over the window, sizes can be approximate.


Measure each window width from the outside edge of window trim to the same spot on the opposite side. Calculate outdoor shutter panel width, starting with the smallest window. Window widths narrower than 60 inches can appear to have functional shutters by ordering panels half of the window width. Window larger than 60 inches, while unable to appear functional, should use panel sizes between 30% and 50% of the window width. Consider panel widths of narrow windows when determine panel widths for larger windows. Do not exceed a panel width greater than 50% of the window.

Observe obstructions on either side of the window which may prevent proper installation of wooden shutters (downspouts, building corners, roof lines, etc). Pay particular attention to the space between neighboring windows to ensure proper proportions.


Measure each window width from the top edge of the window trim to the bottom edge of the window trim. If there is a sill at the bottom of the window, measure to the top of the sill. Install the house shutters about 1/4 inch above the sill. Exterior shutters are sold in full inch increments, but can be trimmed to match the window height.

Functional Exterior Shutters

Solid wood shutters, in conjunction with quality exterior shutter hardware, can be installed to be operable. Measure each window the same way as for stationary shutters with greater precision. Measure both width and height in three places, and record the narrowest of those measurements. Measure inside of window openings that are deep enough for exterior shutters to be mounted between the trim. Panel widths and heights are available in full inch increments, but can be trimmed. Consult the hardware supplier for specific installation requirements.

Shutter Price

Shutter price depends on the sizes ordered. Don't reduce panel size just to reduce shutter price. We have reduced prices as much as possible for online internet sales, without sacrificing quality.